We enjoy a range of perks as members of Team Charismatic Solutions, all of which make us feel like our work is appreciated. Travel incentives are always on the table for us, and an October R&R trip to Cancun is the latest reward for us to earn. It’s going to be an amazing chance for us to network, relax, and reflect on the wins we’ve notched so far in 2019. We’re all excited to find out who’s made the cut for this exotic retreat.

Being around other successful people is always fun and inspiring. When we can learn what’s working in other markets, we find new angles for our own outreach campaigns. It’s also a big confidence boost to talk about what we’ve been able to accomplish on behalf of our national service partners. The positive vibes we build up at conferences and retreats carry over to our teamwork back at the home office.

Of course, we also get to know our Charismatic Solutions colleagues on a deeper level when we venture out to big industry events together. We explore new places and see totally different sides of each other. There’s going to be so much to do at the Cancun retreat, so it’s a safe bet that whoever goes will come back with a host of fun stories to tell.

We’ll most certainly have plenty to share from the Cancun trip. To see pictures and other content from this exotic retreat, follow Charismatic Solutions on Instagram.

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“We showcase brands in hard to access marketplaces. This ensures products get shown in all locations.”

— Eve

“Products are meant to be interacted with – in person. That is how we blend traditional marketing with the modern methods.”

— Sara