This month, we wanted to use our Charismatic Solutions blog to give a big shout-out to Kristine Gyamfi on her promotion to leadership! Kristine has been doing a phenomenal job, working hard every day to improve her skills and achieve her goals. She is a very driven individual, with an unshakeable positive attitude. She’s also a lot of fun though, which makes it easy to be around her and work with her.

Her learner’s mind-set and ambition make her a natural fit for management, along with another important but underappreciated trait: Kristine is punctual. In short, she’s a rock star and we wanted to make sure she knows how much we value her. Congratulations Kristine! We know there will be plenty of cause to celebrate with you during your Charismatic Solutions career journey.

Recognition is a value that influences the way we do business – and the way we treat our colleagues. We go above and beyond to show appreciation to one another when we hit personal or professional milestones, because we know how good it feels to have our successes noticed by our peers.

While Kristine is definitely this month’s MVP, she’s not the only team member we have making waves (in the best way possible, of course). Check out our Charismatic Solutions Newswire feed to see who else is being honored for their contributions to our organization.

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— Eve

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— Sara