We’re proud to announce that Remone Miller is the latest addition to the Charismatic Solutions leadership team. Shannon, our firm’s President, explained that Remone brings a few key attributes to the table. She stated that he has “an awesome attitude, is very persistent, and he’s goal-oriented.” We’re all excited to watch him excel in his leadership role.

Shannon’s major goal is to increase recruitment, so highlighting the pathways to advancement within our firm is a great way to do so. Those who apply themselves in the Charismatic Solutions training program can quickly climb the ladder as Remone has done. Our commitment to constant improvement allows our team members to refine their skill sets and make rapid progress toward their highest career goals.

There are a few benefits that come with promoting from within, one of which is that it enhances engagement throughout our team. Our associates know their efforts will be rewarded, so they feel inspired to go the extra mile day in and day out. When someone receives a promotion, everyone else is even more motivated to elevate their own performance. The result is a positive and supportive work atmosphere that fuels consistent wins for our national service partners.

We’re happy to have Remone on our leadership team. Follow his progress and stay updated on all our top performers by liking Charismatic Solutions on Facebook.

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