One of the keys to business success is the ability to put words into action. Around our Charismatic Solutions office, we emphasize the importance of consistent communication to articulate our visions and generate greater impact with our teammates and customers alike.

Effective communication skills are regular features within the Charismatic Solutions training environment. Shannon, our President, is a firm believer in the three Cs of messaging: clarity, consistency, and cooperation. Let’s review these points in greater detail:

• Clarity: If our ultimate objective is for individuals to successfully get their points across to others, their recipients must be able to understand the message. Therefore, we should make sure what information we share is concise and clear. This way, everyone is on the same page.

• Consistency: When we’re providing information to the masses, we need to be sure that our communication is consistent across the board. This ensures that everyone is getting the same details, which alleviates confusion and misdirection in execution.

• Cooperation: The main objective with any communication is to inspire others to act in the manner we envisioned. We want buy-in, which results in better outcomes and productivity. Therefore, our messages should be directed at our audiences in a meaningful way.

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— Eve

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— Sara