Travel is an important part of the Charismatic Solutions experience. Our team members have several chances throughout the year to get out of their normal routines and see the world with their coworkers.

One of our most recent excursions took associates on a trip to New York for a chance to network with and learn from top producers in our industry. Shannon, President of Charismatic Solutions, knows just how important networking is to any career-minded person’s development. That’s why we offer many avenues for meeting influential people. When we attend conferences, industry events, and even local volunteer outings, we’re exposed to experts and leaders who will be important to our future goals. As we deepen our connections with them, we gain confidence, knowledge, and more chances to thrive in our careers.

When our team members venture away from the home office, we like to remind them of a few travel tips that have served us well. For instance, it’s important to give ourselves extra time to arrive at our destinations. This is especially critical when we fly somewhere, as getting through airport security can be an adventure in and of itself. Also, while it may be tempting to fill every available second of a trip with an activity, we prefer to leave some space for unexpected opportunities.

New York was a productive and fun trip, and we’re all looking forward to our next travel opp. See where we go by liking Charismatic Solutions on Facebook.

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“We showcase brands in hard to access marketplaces. This ensures products get shown in all locations.”

— Eve

“Products are meant to be interacted with – in person. That is how we blend traditional marketing with the modern methods.”

— Sara