As we continue to expand our reach in the marketplace, we’re making improvements to the Charismatic Solutions training program. Shannon, our company’s President, has a major goal to increase recruitment. With this objective in mind, we‘ve streamlined the ways in which we prepare new hires for lasting success.

Shannon explained that she’s been making improvements to our training process and now has a specialized program that takes place every two weeks for new team members. She noted that this is a “more in-depth orientation and management training program.” Our President believes this is a great way to showcase to incoming associates the great benefits of joining Team Charismatic Solutions.

We’ve learned a few key strategies that are helpful for enhancing the overall value of training programs. One of the most important things leaders can do is listen to feedback from seasoned team members. When current associates share their impressions of what an initial training system needs to include, the benefits spread from new hires to the company as a whole.

We also do our best to weave our training efforts into our company culture. In other words, we highlight learning milestones to encourage everyone on our team to keep pushing beyond their current skill sets.

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— Eve

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— Sara