Travel opportunities abound for Team Charismatic Solutions, and we’ve kicked off 2019 with a trip to Dallas, Texas for a Top Leaders Conference! We spent two days in the Lone Star State learning from business leaders and networking with rising stars in our industry.

Shannon, Charismatic Solutions’ President, took two of our top producers with her to this exclusive event, Remone Miller and Ashley Cruse. They enjoyed the experience and made many great connections while networking at the conference. They were also impressed by the awards ceremony, where high achievers from across the country were recognized for hitting milestones in their careers. The acceptance speeches were truly inspiring, as was the amount of financial and professional success on display.

Shannon, Remone, and Ashley weren’t the only ones to benefit from this trip either. They took great notes at all the keynote addresses and made sure to send content back in real time through our social media feeds. This way, we all felt some of the positive energy of the weekend. When they returned, they shared their newfound knowledge with the rest of us, so that we all gained from the information shared.

The Dallas Conference is just one of the many travel opportunities we offer our hard-working team members as a way to show our gratitude and also invest in their future. Like Charismatic Solutions on Facebook to see where we’re heading next.

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