If there’s one lesson we stress over and over in our Charismatic Solutions team meetings, it’s how to carry ourselves like the pros that we are. It’s more than just being polished and acting with integrity, though. A true professional wants to go further in his or her career and there are some key traits we’ve noted that the most impactful people display in all that they do.

Shannon, our Charismatic Solutions President, truly wants our team members to go the distance and realize their goals. She’s continually offering her insights into what we might try to give ourselves a distinct edge in a competitive market. Here are three actions that can raise our firm’s and our individual visibility:

• Do Things to Stand Out: Being memorable is an essential quality in the customer acquisition field. There are several ways in which we can stand out, including extremely simple practices that have a great wow factor. A hand-written thank you to a customer or partner takes little time but will impress them.

• Be Solution-Oriented: When we take time to listen to others, we learn much about what is important to them. In particular, we can pinpoint particular problems for which we can provide answers that they need.

• Remember It’s All About Teamwork: Success is not a solo act. Our Charismatic Solutions culture is steeped in collaboration, which drives our innovative campaigns. We’re firm believers in the notion that a win for one is a victory for all.

Our effective model, executed by our exceptional team, is why we’re edging past the competition every day. Check out our Newswire to see our impact.

We set people up for career success at every stage.


“We showcase brands in hard to access marketplaces. This ensures products get shown in all locations.”

— Eve

“Products are meant to be interacted with – in person. That is how we blend traditional marketing with the modern methods.”

— Sara