Hand-selected team members just returned from an R&R trip in Punta Cana. While there, they had the chance to take part in both formal and informal networking, sharing best practices with industry leaders from around the world. It was also a chance for these top producers to catch their breaths after working for twelve straight months to earn an invitation. “This was a much-needed trip for everyone who attended,” stated Shannon, President of Charismatic Solutions.

There are plenty of chances for people to travel with our team. From regional training seminars to tropic retreats, we provide ways for our associates to join their colleagues and explore new places together. Getting away from the Charismatic Solutions office with coworkers helps us connect with one another on a deeper level than we could during our normal routines, and lifelong friendships are often the result of such excursions.

These trips are just one of the many ways that we thank our team members for their commitment to our company mission and goals as well. Recognition is one of the cornerstones of our company culture, and we know that by honoring those who produce results we encourage even greater efforts in the future.

Perhaps most importantly though, travel gives us chances to build our list of connections. Networking is vital for professional development, and when we meet influential people in our industry, we gain confidence, knowledge, and chances to grow in our careers.

Congratulations again to everyone returning from the Punta Cana trip; we’re looking forward to sending even more team members to the Dominican Republic in the future. To see pictures from the trip, follow Charismatic Solutions on Twitter.

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— Eve

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— Sara